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Born in DC, the only girl from a blended family of 7, I grew up split between two households, one very religious and the other very liberal, never really feeling like she fit in anywhere.  I suffered through social anxiety, depression, sexual abuse and more at a young age. At 18, I developed a love for alcohol to numb her pain. I struggled with self identity and purpose but always saw myself being successful.  I thought my success would come from my career as an engineer but what I really loved was working with people so I left my good government job to follow my heart. Things didn’t work out exactly as I planned the first time around and I felt like a failure.  I just kept feeling like there has to be more to life than this.  I did everything right… got great grades, I was responsible, dependable, went to church etc. but something felt like it was missing.  After doing some soul searching, working with an amazing life coach (Dr. Neteira Anu) and taking classes at The Anu Practice I discovered that what was missing in my life was me.  I had forgotten who I was and I began to understand the purpose behind all of my life experiences.  I learned how to create what I wanted in my life instead of just letting life happen to me. Since then my life has changed so much I don’t even recognize it! I AM travelling the World DOING WHAT I LOVE!!! LIVING MY DREAM and I AM HERE TO HELP YOU LIVE YOUR DREAM TOO! YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! Freedom is in the air.  Can you smell it?? It’s time for YOU to start living!ARE YOU READY? Great! Let’s do this!!!

Dr. Tiffany Jackson is an entrepreneur, community developer, master life coach and doctor of metaphysics.  She received her Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics and her Master Life Coaching Certification from the Anu Practice under the teachings of Dr. Neteira  Anu El.   She has studied with Dr. Anu for over 5 years going deep into the understanding of spirituality, metaphysical principles and universal healing techniques.  She has learned how to peel back the layers of her life experiences to get rid of the negative belief systems that got in the way of her reaching her full potential. 

Dr. Jackson offers life coaching and business coaching to help her clients get unstuck and leap forward into their dream life! . 


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Rev. Dr. Nicole

Rev. Dr. Nicole

Dr. Tiffany Jackson

Dr. Tiffany Jackson

Jasmine Savoy - Clairvoyant Coach

Dr. Tiffany Jackson

Angel Todd - Healing Art Practitioner

Angel Todd - Healing Art Practitioner

Taundra Hayes-Turner - Energy Healer

Taundra Hayes-Turner - Energy Healer

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Tawana Keys - Spiritual Greeter

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Janice Delagarza - Maser Life Coach

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Dr. Lynn Dunn - Master Life Coach

Dr. Wendy Geiger - Master Life Coach & The Anu Practice Practitioner

Dr. Wendy Geiger - Master Life Coach

Dr. Barb Gay - Master Life Coach & The Anu Praction Practitioner

Dr. Barb Gay - Master Life Coach

Dr. Chiquita Dixon - Master Life Coach & The Anu Practice Practitioner

Dr. Chiquita Dixon

Shawn Stevenson - Master Life Coach & The Anu Practice Practitioner


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